gstyle.png (Gstyle) - Group style LIMITED

Gstyle is a group power that allows you to set a style for your chat group's header. This includes the group name, description and navigation bar theme.

By assigning multiple Gstyle powers, more styles are unlocked.

Editing Gstyle settings


First, assign the power to your chat. Then, hover over "group" at the top right of your group, click "customize" and enter your group password. Alternatively, visit the edit group page.

Then, click the "appearance" tab and you will see the Gstyle section. Once you have edited your settings, click "save".


Example of different styles
  • 1 power = Set a country flag next to the group name. As a bonus, you get two navigation bar themes: Planet (turquoise) and Space (black). Disclaimer: These can be withdrawn at any time. Only official oxat groups can use the oxat logo flag.
  • 2 powers = Apply a different font style to the group name and description. 10 different fonts are available.
  • 3 powers = Apply a glow effect with a custom color to the group name and description.