xats and days are the currency of xat, which can be spent on multiple different features within the website. xats purchased directly from nxat.eu come with subscriber days. Subscriber days allow you to maintain your subscriber abilities.

Buying xats and days

Click the "Get xats" button in the chatroom to open xat's store.

To buy xats and days, click the "Get xats" button on the smiley line and you will be redirected to the xat store. From there, you will be able to choose from four different packages, as well as a variety of payment methods. When you decide which package and payment method suits you the best, click the respective button to the package and payment method you chose to complete your purchase.

What are the available payment methods?

Below is a table regarding what payment methods are available on xat, in which countries they're available and which ones will cause a reserve to be placed on your account.

Payment method Available in Reserve
Paysafecard Brazil, France, Italy, United Kingdom, United States, Spain kpN1Oza.png
PaymentWall Brazil, France, Italy, United Kingdom, United States, Spain kpN1Oza.png
PayPal Brazil, France, Italy, United Kingdom, United States, Spain Edge8Gf.png
PayBySkrill Brazil, France, Italy, United Kingdom, United States, Spain Edge8Gf.png
  • Note: Only "top countries" are listed. If your country is not listed, check the buy page to discover what payment methods are available in your country.
  • Note: PaymentWall itself contains diverse payment methods. Click here and select your country to discover what payment methods are available for you.


The term "subscriber" refers to a user that has subscriber days. xats do not affect whether a user is a subscriber or not. Below is a list of exclusive benefits for subscribers.

Avatar effects

To add a custom effect to your avatar, click the "games" tab at the left hand side of the chat box, and click the "effects" button. A side application will appear, and you will be able to choose an effect from the list. Some effects allow further customisation, these will show a customisation screen when you click them.

Combining smilies

To combine smilies, add a # followed by the smiley code to the end of any smiley. i.e. type (smile#shadesoff) to do a smiling face with the shadesoff hands.

Smilies as avatar

To use a smiley as your avatar, click your name at the top of the users list, and type the smiley you want to use into the Picture section. Note: Only smilies in brackets work, meaning (sleepy) would work, while |-) wouldn't.

Ability to use powers

Powers work in different ways. Most powers are smiley powers, meaning they can be used by typing the smiley code like you would type any default smiley. More details on specific powers may be found on their respective wiki article. A full list of powers can be seen here.

Translate application

To use the Translate application, click the translate tab at the left hand side of the chat box. Next, select the chat language, your language and the language you wish to speak in where prompted. If your text is translated "[too long]", try typing in multiple, shorter messages. If your text is translated "[please login]", log into your account to use the Translate application.

Spending xats and days

The following items currently don't accept subscriber days as payment: kisses, group transfers, relationships, and short names.

Click on the 8 ball to open up the interface for kisses.


A kiss is a large animation which appears over the entire chat box, and is visible to all users (unless they have you on ignore). Each kiss costs 25 xats to send. Some of them require specific powers.

To send a kiss, click the magic 8ball on the smiley bar and browse for one you would like to send. You may click on the kiss to preview it without entering your password (only you will see the preview). Once you have found a kiss you would like, enter your password and an optional message and click on the kiss.

Note: You won't be able to send a kiss if you are banned.

Group Transfers

You can use your xats to purchase groups that have been ownerless for at least three months. The cost of a group transfer can range from 1,000-18,000 xats. It primarily depends on how popular the name is. If the group has been visited by an owner recently, it won't be available for transfer. You can check prices and availability here.


Heart for couples, plus sign for best friends.

Marriages and BFFs (Best Friends Forever) allow you to pair up on xat. Once you marry or BFF another user, your names will always appear on top of each other on the userlist in any chat where you are both online. The person with the highest rank takes priority in the order of pairing on the user list. If both users are ranked the same, the person who is higher thanks to topman abilities goes on top. You can marry/BFF anyone you want as long as neither of you are already in a relationship, and the other person does not have the Single power enabled. Remember that anyone you BFF or marry is able to divorce you for free at any time for any reason. To get married/BFFed, click on the person's name, and click the "Marry/Best Friend" button. Best Friends will be connected with a cross, while married pairs will be connected with a heart.

Window to divorce a user, contains a "message" field to display publicly and a "password" field to confirm it. After you've filled out these fields, click on the image with 2 people arguing.

Divorces are free. To divorce someone, click on anyone's (including yourself) name and click the Divorce button. If you change your mind and want to remarry or BFF, it will cost another 200 xats, so make sure you are certain. A kiss animation will show to the entire chat when you divorce.


Powers are special abilities/emoticons that you can purchase with xats and/or subscriber days. To use powers, you must have subscriber days. Read more about powers here.


You can use your xats and days to boost your group's visitors list by promoting your group, making it appear on the website homepage. You may also advertise your chat group with a banner that appears above/under chat boxes depending on the GControl settings. Read more about promotion here.

Short Usernames

Short usernames (referred to as short names) are register names that you can purchase for xats. They are limited to 4-9 characters in length, as opposed to the free default register names that are created on registration, which are 10-18 characters long. Short names may contain numbers, but must start with a letter. Read more about short names here.


Trading is how xat users swap and purchase xats, powers and subscriber days from each other. To safely trade with another user, xat has a trade application. To access the trade application, type "trade" in any chat and click on the underlined text. Read more about trading here.