A scam is an attempt to steal xats, subscription days, powers, or accounts from you. Scamming comes in as many shapes and sizes as the scammers themselves. Below, we will be showing you the most popular scamming techniques and also what to do if you are scammed.

Most popular scams

Duplicating xats/days/powers

In this situation, scammers will try very hard to convince you that they can duplicate your xats/days/powers and that the only thing you have to do on your part is trade/transfer the xats/days/powers to them. Many users get scammed through this method. The scammers may even show you fake videos or screenshots showing that they have done this before, or even go on the trade engine and show you their powers in pairs of 2 or 3. You must always remember this is NOT and never will be possible because no one can generate as many xats/days/powers as they want. They have to purchase them like everyone else. A few questions to ask yourself:

  • Why are these users going through all the trouble of duplicating my stuff for me if they are receiving nothing in return?
  • When I look at these scammers' powers, why don't they have 99,999 of each power if they can keep duplicating powers?

Borrowing powers

Some people want to borrow your power for a minute, and you decide that they are trusted enough and lend it to them. They run off with the power, and you never see it again. Please note that xat does not support the lending of powers. If you do decide to lend the power, you could ask for xats in return. If they want to borrow purple, make them pay you the full price for it, and then give them their xats when they return it. This will hopefully end the scam attempt.

nxat staff borrowing powers

Some users pose as xat staff in an attempt to get powers. They will say things like "We are recalling the purple pawn. Please give us your purple power or your account will be glitched when it is deleted and you will lose every power you have." They will also say they need xats to test something, and require you to give them, or they'll block your account. A few things to ask yourself:

  • If you are xat staff, why do you need my xats? Can't you edit the database and get your own?
  • Real xat staff have IDs 101 or lower. Why aren't you on your xat staff account?

Some also claim they're doing this "undercover", or using their test account. xat staff will never use undercover accounts to deal with problematic users or other official business.

Third-party programs for free xats

Some users claim they have a "xats generator", and they want to spread the good news that anybody can get every power. Much like duplicating xats above, you must ask yourself the following:

  • Why don't they have a ton of powers themselves?
  • If they wanted me, of all people, to have unlimited xats, why can't they just transfer me a couple million? Why get me to download a program?

Buying IDs

xat does not support the transfer of IDs. If you do try to purchase IDs, make sure you trust the users you are purchasing the IDs from. If they are selling an ID that is really low, chances are that it doesn't exist and it is a scam. Use and change "123" to the ID. If the ID doesn't exist, this test will reveal so.

You should not purchase IDs if they are already registered, even if the other user says that they will give you the email for the account. Make sure you are always getting the register link so you can register it under your own email address.

If you delete/buy an ID, it is suggested that you re-register it right away so you don't lose the link, or so someone else doesn't register it first.

Fake xat sites

Users will attempt to recreate xat sites to deceive you into entering your xat password. Always remember to enter your password ONLY on You should never enter your password just because the site looks like it is a part of xat. Fake xat sites range from the powers page, voting sites, and login pages.

You can find out more at: Phishing.

Trade scamming

Users might make you an offer, and then reduce the amount offered at the last minute. For example, instead of 1200 xats, they type 120 xats. Always make sure that the price displayed on the trade application matches with the agreed price before clicking on 'Accept/Confirm trade'.

Be extremely careful when buying EveryPower or AllPowers too, as the seller may not include all of the powers they should. Use the Powers article to check all of the powers are there before you proceed with the trade. The powers required for AllPowers are marked with a rocket.

Useful tips

Taking proper screenshots

It is always best to take screenshots of a transaction taking place if you suspect someone is trying to scam you. If you intend to take screenshots, there should be a full screenshot of the chat showing all of the messages, as well as another screenshot with the user's ID and their messages.

What do I do if I catch someone trying to scam me?

Report them to with sufficient proof (screenshots or video showing ID). If you have forgotten to take proof, you can still open a ticket with information regarding the scam and a volunteer can look through trade logs.

Please note: There is NO guarantee you will be refunded.

Useful links

Visit these useful wiki articles, which will give you more information on how to stay safe on xat.